Our Kind of Clean Beauty

Embracing traditional Kadazan-Dusun beauty rituals, we harness the power of Borneo’s richest and most nourishing, natural and efficacious ingredients to give you high-performing, clean skincare..

How We Are A Clean Beauty Brand

Keeping true to our Clean principles, we will always prioritise delivering the safest and most efficacious products, without ever jeopardising quality. We believe in supporting our skin health, which is why we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to the formula of our products – keeping only the best and ditching those that will be of any harm to the skin and the environment.

Achieve glowing skin like never before without having to worry about harming the skin as all our formulations have non-toxic ingredients, are directly sourced from nature and completely fragrance-free – fragrances are usually the way some cosmetic brands can sneak in pesky toxins into their formula, but don’t worry, as we have none of that and you won’t have to even think about any irritants that could cause the likes of sensitisation on the skin in our formulas. 

Using animal derived ingredients will never be our practice as we swear to protect all our animal friends too. We also want to be super safe with our formulations and avoid any possibilities of disease transfer from animals to humans. We create only vegan products, and will never test on animals.

At Olumes, we pledge to be as transparent as we possibly can when it comes to what we put inside our products. We only want to give you and your skin what’s best so that you can unlock your best complexion. Wanting to only give our customers the safest experience, we’re keeping to high international standards, choosing to follow the strict rules of the EU which prohibits the use of over 1600 harmful ingredients in our products.

We do add ‘safe-synthetic’ ingredients in our formulation, mainly to protect the formula from going bad and to provide a wonderful sensorial experience when you put our products on the skin. We also combine safe synthetic active ingredients such as peptides to synergistically work with our natural actives in our formulas to provide you with the best visible result.

Our Definition of Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty, for us, means that a product shouldn’t include any ingredients that could cause any negative and harmful health effects. Clean beauty products, like ours, are very mindfully created and crafted without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients, but still promise to deliver efficacious products with amazing and spectacular skin results. 

The safety of the ingredients are the primary focus when it comes to formulating clean beauty products – and is never compromised.

At Olumes, we believe in transparent labelling, and want you to know exactly what is in our formulations – we have nothing to hide as we only want to give your skin the best treatment it could possibly receive. What you see and read, is truly what you get, with no hidden toxins or harmful additives lurking behind complex ingredient names.  

We also want to stay far away from “greenwashing” adjectives that could be misleading and have no clear definition. A practice done by many with the use of words like natural, eco and green, these current buzzwords are all over the internet and are used to quickly grab your attention. Trust that we are not trying to fool you in any way, as we stick by our promise to be as clean and sustainable as possible. As many of our ingredients can be found in our luscious local rainforests, we want to do whatever we can to not only deliver remarkable clean products, but to also take care, nurture and give back to our environment that has given so much to us too.

How Are We Ethical

With strong pillars to guide us as we navigate the beauty space as ethically as possible, we want to be a brand that not only delivers outstanding, effective and transformative products, but to also serve our customers, communities and nature to the best of our abilities.

Being active in the choice of ingredients and making sure that each and every aspect of our products are as sustainable as it possibly can be is one of our top priorities. We choose to responsibly source all of our ingredients as we want to keep the rainforests alive and healthy, with minimal damage to the environment. From production to point-of-sale, our goal is to always be responsible and to take care of nature. One of the ways we ensure this is through our own Save The Rainforest initiative. With each product sold, a portion of the sale will be donated to a conservation fund that helps to protect and safeguard rainforests. With this movement, we also want it to serve as an educational tool for those to learn and bring more awareness on the importance of preserving and protecting the rainforests.

When selecting the packaging for our products, we are always going to keep recyclability in mind. With nearly 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic clogging up landfills and our oceans, we do not want to contribute to this incredibly alarming statistic. We only want to do what’s best for our earth – which includes making conscious choices for our packaging and keeping them as green as possible.

We also have taken a conscious effort to make sure that any of our ingredients don’t affect the environment in any negative way. We do not and will never use non-sustainable ingredients in our products as even though they may be safe and harmless on the skin, they could, however, hurt our natural environment instead. Like silicone for example, it is not biodegradable and once it washes down into the drains and into the oceans it can accumulate inside of wildlife – which is definitely not what we want, which is why we choose to omit it from all of our products.

Why We Believe in Our Kind of Clean Beauty

Our definition of clean beauty is centred on the safety of the ingredients we put into our products, but it actually goes far beyond that. Taking deep consideration of what we choose to include in our formulas, we also focus on how our ingredients could affect the environment and nature as a whole. We wouldn’t want to use or include anything that could be detrimental to your skin or to our precious environment too – we want to protect and heal both at all costs.

All our products are also formulated without Silicones, Mineral Oil, Fragrances, Essential Oils, Chemical UV filters, Diethanolamine (DEA), Triclosan, Phthalate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Formaldehyde, Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT)  and Parabens.